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Agristat - Swiss agriculture in figures

Agristat is the statistical service of the Swiss Farmers' Union. As a recognized institution of public statistics, we produce statistics on Swiss agriculture and the food sector, available to all interested parties. Agristat follows the principles of the Swiss Official Statistics Charter and the European Statistics Code of Practice. Based on these principles, the Swiss Farmers' Union has issued its own quality guideline to ensure and further improve the quality of statistical work.

Agristat works in particular on crop production (harvests, yields), livestock (slaughter cattle statistics and milk production), agricultural foreign trade, supply balances (feed balance), nutrition (food balance), prices (producer and purchase price index) and agricultural accounts (value of agricultural production). In these areas, we publish our own statistics or support the Federal Statistical Office.

Strong network
We cooperate in many ways with organizations in the sector (e.g. Proviande, swiss granum) and federal offices (e.g. FSO, FOAG). In many areas, Agristat benefits directly from information provided by active farmers. The evaluations and analyses of Agristat support the organs and employees of the SBC as well as other organizations and institutions in their work. Agristat answers all inquiries about Swiss agricultural statistics. You can reach us at

Our strength lies in the areas of statistical evaluations and data management. Agristat also takes on external assignments and can offer you optimal, customer-specific solutions thanks to its broad specialist and industry knowledge. Please contact our Head of Agristat, Mr. Daniel Erdin, Tel. 056 462 54 41, without obligation.

The collection of graphics below " Swiss agriculture in figures " provides an overview of the state and development of Swiss agriculture and an insight into the activities of Agristat and other players in agricultural statistics.

Swiss agriculture in figures